Discovery Model

Collaborative Discovery

A collaborative approach to drug discovery enables a wider network of skills, energy and resources to come to together in which the success of the program are shared.

O2h can bring to bear and invest its extensive pre-clinical capabilities, medicinal chemistry and licensing skills to share or run an end to end program or project to agreed milestones.

Academic In-Licencing

O2h is working closely with a wide range of academic groups and is active in identifying exciting basic research and spinning off exciting ideas into new companies

Using our capability in licensing, chemistry, pre-clinical project management, and medicinal chemistry we have the capability to quickly advance assets to the point where they can be partnered, grant funded or out-licensed.

Hit ID and Lead Optimization

O2h are researching frontier target classes in oncology, rare diseases and inflammation which have the potential for transformative treatments.

O2h will seek to partner projects early with Biotech and Pharma to further these projects.


The o2h team are integrated into the wider life science community via board advisory and consulting engagements.

The team has been engaged in chairman/board positions, projects and roles covering Business strategy, Business Development, Licensing, Lead-Optimisation, Study Design and Planning, Pre-clinical project Management, and Emerging Market Entry/Execution Strategies to the life Science Sector.


Licensing, Medicinal Chemistry & Investment

O2h has an experienced medicinal chemistry capability allied with in/out-licensing skills to be able to rapidly evaluate and progress early stage small molecule assets.

The team has an access to a extensive scientific, partner and investor network across the USA/EU and Japan. The medicinal chemistry team is able to carry out detailed assessments and execute design projects to secure a solid IP position.

Biology & Pharmacology

O2h has an experienced biology and pharmacology capability with in-house ADMET and primary and secondary cell based screens.

The team is skilled in a wide range of assays and is co-located with the chemistry for an integrated approach to fast and effective drug design and development.


O2h has extensive capability in computational, analytical and synthetic chemistry and allied scale-up capability.

The team is equipped with literature search tools, computational software, full analytical suite, effective supply chain processes for quick access to starting materials, and state-of the-art lab infrastructure for rapid molecule scheme planning, synthesis and subsequent characterisation and evaluation.

In-vivo Pharmacology, Toxicology & Pre-clinical

O2h has the skills and 3rd party network covering the West and in the EM to take a project upto IND and regulatory filing.

The team has experience of in-vivo pharmacology, toxicology studies and all the steps covering pre-clinical, including project Management of API GMP Manufacturing & Formulation via its extensive 3rd party network of partners and services providers providing a fast and cost-effective virtual drug discovery network covering the globe.

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